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The Mstislavl region is situated in the north-east of Mogilev oblast on the Orsha-Mogilev plain. It is 100 kilometers far away from the oblast centre. The region borders on the Goretsk, Dribin, Chaussy and Krichev regions of Mogilev oblast, the Monastyrschina, Khislavichi and Shumyachi regions of Smolensk oblast (the Russian Federation).

The region’s territory is 133.251 hectares, the density of population – 21.7 people per one square kilometer. The region has 160 rural settlements. The town of Mstislavl is the regional centre.

Founded in 1924, the region has 28.500 residents, of them 11.700 urban residents (41.1%) and 16.8 thousand people living in the rural area (58.9%).

Mstislavl is one of the most ancient towns of Belarus. Founded in 1135, it entered the list of national towns with the most valuable historical and architectural sites. The town owes its name to Duke Mstislav, a son of Vladimir Monomakh who reigned in Smolensk in the early 12th century.

In 1180 it became the center of the Principality of Mstislavl. In the second half of the 14th century it was part of the Great Duchy of Lithuania. In the second half of the 16th century – the center of the Mstislavl wojewodztwo. In 1634 the town was granted the Magdeburg Law and the Emblem. 

One of first printers Piotr Mstislavets was born in the town in the 16th century. In 1772 Mstislavl was part of the Mogilev province. Mstislavl has been the regional center of Mogilev oblast for 80 years already. Mstislavl is the Motherland for numerous outstanding masters, musicians, poets, writers, artists, academicians, military leaders, seven Heroes of the Soviet Union, two bearers of the Order of Glory, eleven Heroes of the Socialist Labour.

In September 2006 the town celebrated its 870th anniversary and the fifth national chamber music festival. Town buildings, streets and parks were refurbished in view of the celebrations.

To celebrate the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus the central part of the town opened the Alley of Glory in honour of its compatriots - Heroes of the Soviet Union and Heroes of the Socialist Labour.

In spring 2007 more than 170 officials of the region, former officials, participants of the Great Patriotic War took part in laying out a park near the town of Mstislavl.